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★★★★★ (Long) Boot cut jeans

Really nice, and at a great price

Women’s Retro Vintage Boot Cut Stretch Denim Jeans Cotton Trousers Pants

Missus is over the moon with her new jeans!


She could only have been happier if they were 2cm longer (but we knew how long they were from the product description). Missus is 5’7, size 10, and they fit perfectly. She’s got long legs, and does prefer her jeans to actually touch the ground. I much perfer this lenght on her though, long enough to be full size, but this will save them from looking like the bottom hems has been through a world war.

Stretchy, well made (the stitching is excellent, and they got all sorts of details), and comfy.

The don’t have any pockets though, which might be an issue for some (missus often wears leggings, so she’s used to that).


Delivery is £1.99 from Envy Boutique on Amazon, but the price stays the same when you purchase more items from them (no increase in postage whether you buy just the one item or more).


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