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★★★★ Small powerbank with micro USB

Very handy, and works a treat

[Smallest Power Bank] Iceworks® 2500 – Very Compact and Thin Portable Charger With Built In Cable for BOTH iPhone and Android Smartphones – Pocket Size External Battery – TWO Free iPhone Adapters Included – Black

Really handy size, and love the inbuilt charging cable…


However, I love it as I got a Lumia (and missus is fighting me for it as she’s got an android phone it fits for)… I think it’s a stretch to call it “all in one” for iPhones, as you’d need to add the extra adapter for that one (it does come supplied… if you add that one, then it’s sudden not the handy little shape it was).

But handy shape it is, just a bit bigger than a creditcard, easily slips into a pocket. It comes with everything you need (including instructions). There’s a tiny little light in the middle up the top (can just about spot it on the pic).

No problem at all charging my phone, really is a nifty little thing.

Received as a sample to review, and it’s a great little charger for things that take micro usb. 🙂


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