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Why review?

I started writing reviews of items purchased on Amazon, due to my frustration of badly written reviews there.  How is it supposed to help me if people rate something 1 star, and all their review says is “hated it”.  Why did they hate it?  Maybe it wasn’t something that would make me hate it?  Or just as bad:  Someone giving only 3 stars and their review says “perfect” – if it was that perfect – why would you deduct 2 stars?

And it turned out I wasn’t too bad at writing reviews… it was, and always will be a learning curve, but it’s a fun one.

And as my reviews got better, I started getting offers of receiving items with the purpose of reviewing them.

However, I am picky… I have no wish to review a bunch of phonecovers.  I want to review items I actually have some interested in.

Sometimes I find items disappointing, and then I hope my reviews aren’t just beneficial to potential costumers, but also to the manufacturer (or distributer, as hopefully they can then communicate with the manufacturer, and tweak items), in the hope of improving items.

And if items are good, then I’m happy to spread that word, and hope others appreciate the time I took to relay that information.

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