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If you want to get in touch, please use the below contact form, or alternatively you can find my e-mail address on Amazon.

If you are considering offering me an item to review – please keep in mind the item will actually be reviewed!  Tried and tested… whether it gets a high star rating all depends on the item, not the fact that it was obtained for reviewing purposes.

I don’t have a FB account, so nothing will be shared there.  Amazon has limited reviewers to 5 “unverified” reviews (this often happens with a high percentage discount code), so please keep that in mind.  If I happen to do a video review, it might be posted on youtube (and depending on the product, it could then end up with loads of views, or hardly any at all).  I don’t do ebay.  This is not my job, it’s my hobby.  And due to my job, and my personal life, sometimes reviews have to take the backseat.  Currently my missus’ health is tempremental, and she, and anyone else I care about, will always come first.

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